The CEPHIA Repository

The CEPHIA specimen repository is comprised of highly characterized specimens, predominantly from patients with known dates of HIV seroconversion, from whom sufficient specimen volumes were available to permit preparation of multiple replicate aliquots. These specimens have been contributed by a small number of collaborating blood banks and clinical research studies enrolling and following seroconverters over time.

The CEPHIA repository was developed as a resource for investigators interested in exploration, development, or evaluation of approaches to the cross-sectional estimation of HIV incidence. The specimen sets potentially available to CEPHIA collaborators are described below.   

Nearly all specimens contained in existing CEPHIA specimen sets are available in volumes of 10 mL or greater. This permits CEPHIA to create up to 100 x 100 uL subaliquots. Multiple replicates are thus available for each set, so that pre-characterized sets can be provided to multiple assay developers, collaborating investigators or laboratories.

Because most HIV incidence assays put forward to date have used blood plasma, we have initially focused on collecting blood plasma specimens;  however, additional repositories of alternative specimen types such as whole blood, dried blood spots, oral fluids and other tissues are also being created (detail are available on request).

Investigators interested in potential access to developmental sets or qualification sets described here may contact us for more information.

  • Please address inquiries relating to blood plasma specimens to Procedures for investigators to access these specimen sets are detailed.
  • For inquiries about possible availability of alternative specimen types, please contact us at
[Please note that access to alternative specimen types may be limited to investigators funded for HIV incidence biomarker discovery by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation].